The Engineering Leader

  • Xavier Gouchet on Developing Performant Android Apps 🎙
    In this episode Xavier Gouchet, a software engineering team lead at DataDog talks about the importance of focussing on performance right at the outset of any development project.


The Developers' Bakery

  • Datadog for Android with Xavier F. Gouchet 🎙
    In this episode, Xavier will walk us through their SDK and what are the most challenging tasks for a monitoring SDK such as this one.


Android Leaks

  • Le poireau mutant 🎙
    Yannick et Benjamin reçoivent à nouveau Xavier Gouchet pour parler de testing et plus particulièrement de mutation testing.
  • Le conflit du poireau 🎙
    Yannick et Benjamin reçoivent Xavier Gouchet, auteur de AutoMergeTool, pour parler de Git et des conflits lors des merges.

CodeMobile Weekly

  • A fireside chat with Xavier Gouchet
    This week Steve chats with Xavier Gouchet about all thing Android and Test.