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A developer's tool : Codota / Livecode

Written by Xavier Gouchet - 04 june 2014 - no comments

Codota is a website proposing Android code snippets on various subjects. Although they don't have much content yet, the idea seems great. Anyway I'm more interested in their new Chrome Extension : Livecode.

Codota Livecode

This extension will make all Android classes and methods clickable on Codota an Stackoverflow. Clicking will then display the official documentation of the class / method directly. This is just a great tool when you spend your time on StackOverflow !

A developer tool : Quick REx , Eclipse Regexp Plugin

Written by Xavier Gouchet - 01 february 2013 - no comments

Now and then, a little Regexp is necessary. Recently, I had to create a couple of regexp for my Android XML Editor. When the Regexp is complex, designing it from memory is almost impossible, and one needs a tool to write and test the Regexp.

Here is a little Eclipse plugin I found recently. In short, it's a Regex editor, with a couple of useful features:

  • preview of matches (and groups) in a user defined input;
  • a button to escape the sequence to be parsed in a Java String;
  • Ctrl-Space completion to insert common patterns, quantifiers, ...;
  • flags and options to match Pattern options.

Quick REx Eclipse plugin

Checkout the official Quick REx website, or install it in Eclipse using the following update-site URL :