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Written by Xavier Gouchet - 07 december 2012 - no comments

I don't have many news to give (yet), but here's a digest of articles I've read this week, and found rather useful.

Runtime Theme Change

I made a couple of test earlier this year to provide a theme changing features in some of my apps. The best way I cam across was to restart the activity to set the theme in the onCreate() of my activity.

Sriram Ramani provides a solution to change the theme in no time, and without restarting the activity. Find out how in this article.


Communication between 3rd party applications and services is very easy in Android, thanks to the Intent system. But what if you want to embed a piece of code from another application inside your own, and staying in the same activity.

On a desktop app, plugins can easily be done using DLLs, but on Android, it's not as easy. Gabor Paller presents an architecture to have a master application, and any 3rd party app used to extend it.

Read his explanations and download a sample project from his article.