About this blog

One upon a time, I had a blog. This blog has been dead for about a year and a half. May it now rest in peace.

So when I decided to post little tips and tricks on Android, I asked myself if I wanted to revive this old blog or create another. The answer is there, a new blog, on which I'll talk mostly about Android development.

About my apps

All the apps published on my Google Play Store account are created on my free time, and always follow the same principle : free, no ads, no abusive permission. Some of them even are open source (see my Github account).

If you want to support one of them, or want to show your appreciation, you can make me a donation via Paypal.

About myself

My name's Xavier Gouchet, i'm a french developper, working by day as an iOS/Android dev, and spending the rest of my time with my wife, in local associations, and working on my own Android application. (Which, by the way, you can download from the Google Play Store ).