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My own Muzei extension : MuzeiDeezerAlbums

Written by Xavier Gouchet - 25 february 2014 - no comments

So, a couple of weeks earlier, Roman Nurik released an Android Live Wallpaper allowing other developers to create plugins. If you don't know it already, check it out, as well as the extensions.

As soon as it got out, I knew I wanted to play with this new toy, and it was not hard to get an idea of extension to do. As I work at Deezer, I thought "Hey, let's use album covers as wallpapers!". A little bit of code later, and here is my contribution to Muzei : MuzeiDeezerAlbums.


Albums displayed can be selected four different ways :

  • from Deezer's weekly selection, categorized by genres;
  • from your own selection of album covers;
  • from the last track you listen to with Deezer (if you don't have it, check it out here;
  • from your favorite albums (requires you to log in).

And as always, if you have any trouble with one of my app or one of my repo on github, please let me know.

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Un nouveau design pour le Kamoulox

Written by Xavier Gouchet - 30 march 2013 - 1 comment

This article is written in French as the app is in French only

Kamoulox est une de mes applications les plus loufoques. Directement inspirée des vidéos absurdes de Kad et Olivier, l'application permet de générer des milliers de phrases permettant de jouer au Kamoulox selon les règles officielles du jeu, ainsi que les règles locales de Bourcefranc le Chapus (Charente-Maritime), d’Arnac-la-Poste (Haute-Vienne) et évidemment Bézaudun-sur-Bîne (Drome).

Kamoulox, version 2010

Cette application a été écrite en 2010, et malgré quelques mises à jour, a peu évolué en terme de design. Aujourd'hui, grâce à l'aide de JF Tolaguera, je vous propose une toute nouvelle version du Kamoulox entièrement redesigné.

Kamoulox, version 2013

Bien évidemment vous pouvez retrouver l'application depuis le Google Play Store en cliquant sur le lien ci dessous. Et si vous avez un souci, une remarque, ou une question sur les règles du Kamoulox à Chaumont sur Tharonne, n'hésitez pas à me contacter !

Kamoulox on Google Play

A developer tool : Stanley (beta)

Written by Xavier Gouchet - 22 march 2013 - no comments

Recently I needed to know what intents were used by an app on my phone, simply out of curiosity and to learn how to have similar features in one of my app.

There aren't so many way to do this, and so I designed and developped an App to take a look at an App, from a developper point of view. So here it is, in public beta.

Stanley Preview

Stanley can list all package installed on any device, and for any given package, lets one see the Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers, and more.

More over, it can export the package's original manifest into a readable XML, to see what lies in the intent filters for instance.

It is not yet available on the Play Store, but you can already try it by downloading the APK attached to this post. Any feedback on this app will be welcomed.

Stanley 1.0 (Beta) APK (562 Kb)

Stanley on Google Play

Axel v2.3 : quick actions and clipboard support

Written by Xavier Gouchet - 15 february 2013 - no comments

Today, the latest version of Axel was launched, bringing many new features to make XML edition simpler.

New version

First of all, I added an implementation of the Done / Discard UI pattern. This make a much clearer interface when editing a node.

Then I added many ways to interact differently with nodes. A friend of mine once taught me that a user must be able to perform a single action in many different way, and better, should be able to change the way an action must be performed.

Quick Actions

So from now on, Axel lets you choose what happens when you tap, double tap or long press a node. By default, actions are edit on tap, add a child on double tap and bring the context menu on long press.

Axel : quick node actions

Speaking of quick action, I used the NewQuickAction library to add a better looking quick action. The same actions are available, with new ones.

Cut, Copy, Paste

A brand new feature is that Axel now support the integration with the Android clipboard, with the famous cut, copy and paste operations. Cut and copy will put the xml node (and hierarchy) as xml text in the clipboard, and psat will parse the clipboard content and insert it inside the selected node's hierarchy.

And as always, if you have any trouble with one of my app or one of my repo on github, please let me know.

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Axel v2.1 and two new libraries on Git Hub

Written by Xavier Gouchet - 14 january 2013 - no comments

Axel v2.1 has been released today, and with it a few new things to enhance the user experience. It also went further with non XML files. As I said earlier, Axel can open compressed XML files from Android APK archives. It can now also open binary PList files (mainly used by Apple tools).

This was the occasion to update the sources on GitHub, and create two new independant libraries :

the full source code for Axel in its version 2.1 is now up to date;
this (Android) java library implements a parser for binary Android XML files;
another Android library, meant to parse binary PList files;

And as always, if you have any trouble with one of my app or one of my repo on github, please let me know.

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