My own Muzei extension : MuzeiDeezerAlbums

Written by Xavier Gouchet - 25 february 2014 - no comments

So, a couple of weeks earlier, Roman Nurik released an Android Live Wallpaper allowing other developers to create plugins. If you don't know it already, check it out, as well as the extensions.

As soon as it got out, I knew I wanted to play with this new toy, and it was not hard to get an idea of extension to do. As I work at Deezer, I thought "Hey, let's use album covers as wallpapers!". A little bit of code later, and here is my contribution to Muzei : MuzeiDeezerAlbums.


Albums displayed can be selected four different ways :

  • from Deezer's weekly selection, categorized by genres;
  • from your own selection of album covers;
  • from the last track you listen to with Deezer (if you don't have it, check it out here;
  • from your favorite albums (requires you to log in).

And as always, if you have any trouble with one of my app or one of my repo on github, please let me know.

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