Taming the LogCat

Written by Xavier Gouchet - 30 january 2013 - no comments

A couple of days ago, a question popped on StackOverflow, asking how to link a log line in LogCat to the source code, just like it happens when you Log an exception.

The first answers where to add a fake Exception. Naturally, there will be the line you want, but also a lot of noise in your LogCat.

Then someone proposed a method to simulated an exception Log, without the whole stacktrace (see the answer here).

The solution works fine, but can be quite verbose. With a little bit of try and error, I found out that the most important part is the "at (file.java:42)". It doesn't matter where it is in the message. You can even have mor than one, it only takes into account the last one.

So I worked out a LogLink class to use this systme anywhere and seamlessly. Here's an example of how it works :

	// default value is INSERT_LAST, and you can call it only once
	// also exist as v, d, w, e and wtf 
	LogUtils.i("MyClass", "A message");

The previous code will output the following output

MyClass     A message at (MyClass.java:42)

You can see and download the LogUtils class here

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